About BIG JJ Fish & Chicken

JJ FISH & CHICKEN offers some of the best tasting dishes you have ever eaten, including fried chicken wings, delicious chicken tenders, succulent catfish and fried fish; mouthwatering sandwiches including fried or grilled chicken fillets, fish fillets, jumbo shrimps, satisfying salads and deserts. Rounding out this menu is a complete range of sides and desserts including slaw, spaghetti, fries, poppers, cheese sticks, hush puppies, crab salad, potato salad, onion rings, fried okra, cheesecake and a variety of pies.

Virtually every menu item is prepared using time-tested recipes and preparation techniques. Many items are cooked to order for maximum freshness and taste. Because of our good food, generous portions and reputation for value, our restaurant concept appeals to virtually all people.


I’m glad to see this place has one other review and that it is a 5 star also, cuz I was feeling a little odd for giving a fast food chain joint so many stars. However, it totally deserves it. The menu is soooo extensive and everything we had was top notch. I don’t usually care for fried food since I feel that the breading just covers up bad food. Not the case here. I had the fried walleye and thinking I would just try a bite before passing it on, I ate the whole thing and wanted more. The seasoning on that thing was spot on and so was the crispiness of the batter, while the inside was fresh, juicy white fish. Definitely going back for more! The next thing I tried was the dry rub spicy-garlic wings and damn they were spot on too! Fantastic seasoning! Lastly was the beef sandwich wish was done Chicago style and above average. I now see why these are a big hit in the cities.

Barbara D. –  Chicago, IL

This is not my first visit. This place is the go to place! If you haven’t grabbed some yet, you are missing out! Friendly staff.. GREAT food!

Val Johnson Pappas

First visit tonight, will definitely return. Great service, the food and price are perfect. They really should post a warning sign that you will get addicted to the hush puppies though 😉. Highly recommend. Thx!!

Em Hayes

Very very good. Friendly and fast service. There’s a large variety to choose from. This definitely beats the other places we’ve been to for chicken. Highly recommend it!

Kelli Cowdery-Tully

When u are hungry for food in general, this is the place to go with their huge menu with everything from A to Z.  Specials everyday of the week.   Three coolers of different drinks to choose from and can also take home cold 2 liters.  Everything cooked to order which takes roughly 15 mins. if ordering fish or chicken.   I ordered the 8 piece mix which was crunchy and seasoned well with what they shake on top after deep frying.  The pieces were big and cut well.  This came with fries and 4 pieces of white bread for $11.49!  I also ordered 2 sides, 1 okra and 1 hush puppies at $2.99 each.  Also 2 sides of spaghetti out of the front cooler.  The spaghetti was surprisingly good!  The 2 containers was around $4.50 for both.    This meal was the best take out meal i have had for many years!  I will be going back!  Also….dont let the outside fool you, the inside is clean and help is friendly.

Aaron H. – Peoria, IL

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